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Attending Clergy Association

Introduction | Benefits | Historical Overview | Membership

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The Attending Clergy Association (ACA) is an organization of clergy from North Texas established by the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Healthcare System in 1994. ACA clergy relate to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals where members of their congregations receive medical care.

As spiritual leaders from many faith communities and traditions, clergy share the common experience of offering pastoral and spiritual care to members of their congregations and communities. The ACA clergy are recognized by the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals as members of the healing team with all the privileges and responsibilities that go with it.

As our by-laws state: "The Attending Clergy Association is a non-profit interfaith clergy organization within Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals that enhances pastoral education for clergy, promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health in congregational and community settings, and links clergy to members of the health care team."

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  • Access to patient information on a need to know basis at all Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals
  • ACA orientation to better understand Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals 
  • Employee discounts when eating in the hospital cafeteria
  • Special clergy rates for membership in the Health/Fitness Centers of Texas Health
  • Name badge for:
    • Need to know patient information
    • Easy access to parking
  • Access to educational opportunities, monthly events and annual symposium
  • Free annual flu shot

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Historical Overview

  • November 1993: Began discussions with 14 clergy from the Dallas area
  • June 1994: Trustees of Presbyterian Healthcare Resources approved formation and by-laws of Attending Clergy Association. This led to the formation of an ACA at each Presbyterian facility.
  • November 1994: First orientation at Prebyterian Hospital of Dallas
  • January 1995 to December 2009: 19 Grand Rounds at Texas Health Presbyterian Hosptial Allen, 139 Grand Rounds at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, 46 Grand Rounds at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman, 123 Grand Rounds at Texas Health Presbyteiran Hospital Plano, 40 Grand Rounds at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Winnsboro
  • Presently: On-Call and Duty Chaplain programs operating at Texas Health Allen, Kaufman, Plano and Dallas

Presbyterian Hosptials in Attending Clergy Assocation

Texas Health Allen 15 members 10 congregations   6 different faith traditions
Texas Health Dallas 174 members 95 congregations 23 different faith traditions
Texas Health Kaufman 18 members 14 congregations 8 different faith traditions
Texas Health Plano 32 members 23 congregations 8 different faith traditions
Total 239 members 142 congregations 25 different faith traditions

Symposium Events   

  • 1995 Martin E. Marty: The Once and Future Healthcare
  • 1996 Earl Grollman: From Cure to Comfort in Times of Loss
  • 1997 James Fowler: Shaping Ethical Competence in Persons and Systems
  • 1998 David Hilfiker, Gary Gunderson, Julia Means: Healed by the Poor
  • 1999 Harold Koenig, M.D.: Spirituality and Health: Partners at the Crossroads
  • 2000 Joanne Lynne, M.D.: Improving Care at the End of Life
  • 2001 Domestic Violence: Making The Invisible Visible
  • 2002 Wayne Muller: Rediscover Your Self as Healer: Finding Rest and Renewal in Your Busy Life
  • 2003 Jeffrey Bishop and Frederick Schmidt: Exploring Space, Time Technology: The Challenge to Spirituality and the Healing Community
  • 2004 Martin E. Marty: Hospitality in a Community of Many Voices
  • 2005 David Augsburger: The Impact of Forgiveness on Health
  • 2006 Harold Koenig, M.D.: Holy Health
  • 2007 Rabbi Richard Address: "Sacred Aging"
  • 2008 Dr. Daniel Sulmasy: "Medical Ethics and Spiritual Care at the End of Life"
  • 2009 Dr. Christina Puchalski: "Creating Healing Environments"
  • 2010 "Healing In The Arts" - Discover healing in the arts as you practice your art of healing
  • 2011 "Are We in this together or am I in it alone? - Culture & Religion in the USA"
  • 2012 "Siding with the Sufferer: Health as a Matter of Justice, Friendship, and Hope"
  • 2013 "How the Brain talks to your Mind, Body and Spirit"

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ACA Membership
The annual cost for membership is $25. For application information, contact the Texas Health Resources Pastoral Care Office at 682-236-4220 or You can also download and print this application form.

Active Membership

  • Ordained or other formal recognition as a professional clergy
  • Most active members will have completed a baccalaureate and divinity degree
  • Participation in a formal ACA Orientation

Affiliate Membership

  • Theological students serving with an active member
  • Members of a pastoral staff under the supervision of an active member
  • Participant in ACA Orientation

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