Let your medical records speak for you even when you can't.
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Specialist Consultations

General or family practice physicians often see it all.

Support for Rural Doctors
The electronic health record facilitates accurate consultations between specialists and general practitioners. Ferdinand Velasco, M.D., is the chief medical information officer at Texas Health Resources.

They suture wounds, treat rashes, set broken bones and tend to the needs of patients who, in rural areas, might well have been kicked by a mule or fallen off a tractor.

One great advantage of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is that it can allow physicians in rural markets vastly improved access to the skills of specialists found in major cities.

Real-time access to the exact same information means that a general practitioner in a rural office can quickly and efficiently consult with a specialist who is miles and miles away.

The EHR makes it happen.

Who says that country cousins can't get big-city health care?


Electronic Health Records: One more reason
Texas Health Resources is leading the way.