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Camera-in-a-pill Procedure Available at PHD

DALLAS – Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas is among the first hospitals in the nation to use a clinically proven medical technology that allows physicians to see what no one has been able to fully see before – the entire 21 feet of the human small intestine. The M2A Capsule Endoscope significantly improves the chances of accurate diagnosis for many previously undiagnosed small intestine disorders.

The capsule, which is taken with a sip of water, just like a vitamin, passes naturally through the digestive tract, recording video images that are transmitted to and then stored on a recorder belt worn throughout the day. Eight hours after swallowing the capsule, the patient returns the belt to the physician’s office. The physician then views the images using an imaging workstation equipped with special software and later reports findings back to the patient.

“In some patients we suspect a small bowel problem but can’t find the site of bleeding or tumor using conventional imaging techniques,” said Dr. Mark Feldman, chairman of internal medicine at PHD. “We anticipate that the capsule endoscopy will improve our ability to diagnose the small bowel problem the patient suffers from, and this should result in improved therapy for these patients.”

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