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Have a Healthy Heart

Every 33 seconds, an American dies from cardiovascular disease, according to the Heart Foundation. Do you know your risk?

Heart disease is commonly caused by narrowing or a blockage of the coronary arteries — the blood vessels that deliver blood to the heart. This process happens gradually over time and is the major culprit behind most heart attacks. Although family history and age are uncontrollable risk factors, lifestyle habits that contribute to the disease’s development include:

• being overweight or obese

• high blood pressure

• high cholesterol

• lack of exercise

• smoking

Because heart disease is a condition that develops slowly over time, taking preventive measures to ensure your defense is key.

Changing unhealthy lifestyle choices can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Some healthy steps include:

• Cutting back on salt consumption

• Eating more fruits and vegetables

• Increasing physical activity

• Limiting alcohol intake

• Maintaining a healthy weight

For information about cardiac services available at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen, visit

(Fall/Winter 2010)

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