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Clinical Trials

Disease or Condition   Emergency Medicine
Title   Continuous Cardiac Compression
Description   Trial of Continuous Compressions versus Standard CPR in Patients with Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.
IRB Number   Pro2977
Inclusion/Notes   INCLUSION:
  • Age 18 years or more (or local age of consent).

  • Chest compressions by ROC EMS providers dispatched to the scene.

  • Lack of the exclusion criteria below.

  • EMS witnessed arrest.
  • Written do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) orders.

  • Obvious primary asphyxia or respiratory cause of arrest (drowning, strangulation).

  • Traumatic cause (blunt, penetrating, burn) of arrest.

  • Known prisoners.

  • Known pregnancy.

  • Non-ROC EMS agency/provider present prior to ROC EMS agency arrival.

  • Uncontrolled bleeding or exsanguinations.

  • Pre-existing tracheostomy.

  • Advanced airway placed prior to ROC EMS arrival.
Status   Enrolling by Invitation
Location   Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Contact Name   Dixie Climer at

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