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Simulation Medical Training Center

Simulation Medical Training Center at Texas Health Fort Worth

The Simulation Medical Training Center provides multidisciplinary medical simulation training in areas of pre-hospital, emergency department/trauma, critical care and operating room. The center offers professional skills development and enhancement, including technical and functional expertise training, problem-solving and decision-making skills. It also covers interpersonal and communications skills and team-based competencies.

The training center, used primarily for pre-hospital and acute care providers in the City of Fort Worth, is open from of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Community benefits include:

  • Helping to prevent medical errors and improve patient safety by evaluating and improving related processes currently in place.
  • Improving the management of complex, high-risk and uncommon patient situations, as well as day-to-day procedures.
  • Building confidence in new graduate nurses by providing simulation training during internship year, improving employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Allowing the acquisition of core competencies for procedures, including decision-making and psychomotor skills as well as the communication and cognitive content required for competent performance of these procedures.
  • Testing critical response skills that would address the deteriorating patient, focusing on recognition, escalation and stabilization.
  • Training opportunities for the community at all levels within the acute care disciplines and use progressive teaching methods to replicate real-life patient care situations, from routine procedures to acute management crises.
  • Raising the bar for professional medical continuing education with its state-of-the-art facility offering the latest advances in medical simulation technology to the Fort Worth medical communities.
  • Promoting collaboration with community healthcare organizations in Fort Worth, while differentiating Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital from other institutions.
Simulation Medical Training Center

Scope of students includes:

  • Fort Worth Fire Department– recurrent and multidisciplinary, interdepartmental training.   
  • MedStar – EMT and Paramedics utilize the center for replication of low frequency, high acuity scenarios such as STEMI, field therapy training and employ simulation as a means to assess skills such as RSI and IO placement.
  • Anesthesiologists/Nurse Anesthetists – Board of Anesthesia required MOCA classes will be offered.
  • Emergency medicine residents
  • Emergency and critical care physicians – Critical care simulations and multidisciplinary team building exercises. May also be used for ATLS, TNCC, ACLS and PALS.
  • Medical students – Incorporate simulation into ED orientation. 
  • Trauma services
  • Emergency nurses – critical care simulations and multidisciplinary team building exercises. May also be used for ATLS, TNCC, ENPC, ACLS and PALS.
  • Critical Care and Med/Surg nurses – critical care simulations and multidisciplinary team building exercises. May also be used for ATLS, TNCC, ENPC, ACLS, and PALS.
  • ER/Critical Care/Med-Surg/Perioperative/Telemetry nurse residents – critical care simulations and multidisciplinary team building exercises. Crash cart, use of AED, intubation, ART lines, CVP lines, chest tube insertion and care, trach care, alaris pump utilization.
  • Respiratory Therapy - critical care simulations and multidisciplinary team building exercises. 
  • Blood transfusion training and nursing skills assessment exercises.
  • Mock code blue classes - multidisciplinary
  • Life Gift – Donor critical management scenarios
  • Women’s Services – Labor and delivery, Neonatal ICU, postpartum areas

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