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RSS Feeds

Welcome to the RSS page for Texas Health Resources. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows readers to receive news and information updates from Texas Health Resources without having to visit this website.

RSS feeds are free and will deliver the most recent news from Texas Health to you.

News readers (or aggregators) are software applications that collect, update and display RSS feeds. Many of them are available via free downloads, while others are Web or browser-based. Your RSS reader can pull feeds from or any other site from which you wish to display headlines and updates.

Follow the links below to subscribe to the current Texas Health news feeds. Just click the RSS icon RSS feed for News Releases of your choice, then copy and paste the URL from the Web browser address bar on the resulting XML page into your RSS reader.  



News Releases   RSS feed for News Releases  RSS feed
Texas Health in the News   RSS feed for THR in the News  RSS feed
Business of Health Care Report     RSS feed for The Business of Health Care Report  RSS feed

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