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Dear Friends,
Texas Health Resources’ baseline 2012 Community Responsibility & Sustainability Report was produced to provide a high-level overview of our community responsibility programs, strategic community health initiatives and our plans as a health care system to enhance well-being. At Texas Health, our mission and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

We define sustainability as the capacity for our organization to endure and perform strongly in four key areas: economic impact, social impact, environmental impact and governance. We also recognize that to be a sustainable organization, we must:

  • Be responsible stewards of our financial and natural resources.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for delivering quality care.
  • Maintain a thriving workplace in which each individual is treated with integrity and respect.
  • Lead the industry in innovative approaches to delivering quality care.
  • Treat the whole individual–body, mind and spirit.

We made significant advancements in our 10-Year Strategic Focus during 2011-2012. I encourage you to review some of our major accomplishments in the “Community Responsibility at a Glance” section of this report. Yet many challenges still lie ahead:

  • The complexities of health care reform and the Affordable Care Act require us to continuously adapt to fluctuating financial and operating conditions.
  • New accountable care models necessitate that we improve the coordination of care across the entire continuum.
  • We must change the way people think and act about their health. Personal health behaviors have a significant impact on people’s health and on the businesses for whom they work. Dallas-Fort Worth businesses lose approximately $17 billion each year due to employee health issues. We are working with employers to make a significant impact on that.
  • Competition is fierce for diverse, talented innovators and caregivers. We are investing in education and workplace satisfaction programs to attract and retain the best people.
  • The demography of our patient population is changing, requiring us to understand and adapt to cultural differences that affect every aspect of care from medical treatment to patient management, spiritual support, communications and end-of life care.

Our long-term sustainability depends on our ability to proactively adapt to these challenges and to do our part to make health care human again. Through a variety of collaborative efforts with physicians, employers, payors, community leaders and other health systems, we are developing comprehensive approaches to physician-directed population health management to improve the well-being of individuals and entire communities. We have great hope and confidence in continuing our successful journey to transform the delivery of quality care and become a benchmark for other health systems across the country.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Community Responsibility & Sustainability report, please contact David Tesmer, senior vice president of Community Engagement & Advocacy.


Douglas D. Hawthorne, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

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