Equal Opportunity & Human Rights

Our Promise of Individuals Caring for Individuals, Together® is based in part on the understanding that our employees are our most valuable asset.

Our core values and management philosophy are focused on respecting the dignity and well-being of those we employ and serve – regardless of an individual’s physical, cultural, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious differences.

We provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, and base decisions on performance, qualifications, experience, skills and abilities. This improves employees’ morale, productivity and retention, and strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission.

Our stringent policies are designed to ensure human rights abuses do not occur. We do not tolerate the intimidation of, harassment of, or discrimination against individuals for any reason.

With workforce shortage issues, a limited talent pool and a competitive labor market, our focus in 2011-2012 was on strengthening employee morale and commitment, reducing staff turnover, and fostering a collaborative and trusting work environment. This has helped us improve employee satisfaction and increase retention compared to our peers. We will continue to focus on these critical areas in the future.

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