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The nurse I am nominating demonstrates excellent clinical skills, compassionate care, wonderful service and a commitment to excellence through:

Professional relationships with patients and families that reflect Texas Health Nursing’s adopted Quality-Caring Model®, which states that nurses should address and exhibit the following:

  • Basic human needs: Responds to others’ priorities including physical, safety and social needs
  • Human respect: Honors the worth of people through unconditional acceptance
  • Appreciation of unique meanings: Concerned with understanding others’ point of view
  • Affiliation needs: Involves families/caregivers in health care situations
  • Mutual problem-solving: Provides information and assists in learning and review of options
  • Attentive reassurance: Listens and concentrates on others while being reliable and available
  • Encouraging manner: Communicates an attitude that is supportive, open, positive and tolerant
  • Healing environment: Creates settings that provide privacy, safety and tranquility

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