According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes and prediabetes affect more than 100 million American adults and nearly 3 million Texans. And roughly 24 percent don’t even know they have it.

Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) level is too high. It could be too high because your body does not produce insulin (Type 1) or because your body does not make enough insulin or does not use insulin well (Type 2). Type 2 diabetes is more common, but up to 5 percent of individuals diagnosed with diabetes have Type 1.

Take Our Diabetes Risk Assessment
Our short 5-minute assessment will help you understand your chances for developing diabetes and learn how to improve risk factors.
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Find a Physician Near You
At Texas Health, we offer a network of diabetes specialists on the medical staff of Texas Health Hospitals who can give you the help you need.
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Classes and Education
Texas Health offers diabetes education and support groups through its outpatient centers and community-based settings located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Understanding Prediabetes
More than one in three U.S. adults have prediabetes, but most do not know it. If that sounds hard to believe, many people with the disease do not have any symptoms, making it hard to know when it's time to see the doctor, especially if you don't already visit annually.
Understanding Gestational Diabetes
A diagnosis of gestational diabetes can be a surprise for some pregnant women. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, the condition is caused by high levels of blood glucose during pregnancy.
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Understanding Type 1 Diabetes
Nearly 1.6 million Americans are living with Type 1 diabetes and, unfortunately, more people are being diagnosed with the disease every year. The onset of Type 1 diabetes symptoms can be very sudden, which differs from Type 2 diabetes.
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Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
The CDC estimates 1 in 10 Americans are living with diabetes, most of them have Type 2 diabetes. The good news is Type 2 diabetes and its complications can often be avoided or at least delayed.
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Tailored Diabetes Care

Find the diabetes education and support you need to navigate the journey to better health in a way that works for you. We offer a variety of options to match your specific needs, with the aim of helping you feel empowered to live a full life. For more information about diabetes wellness, call 972-981-4225 or email

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