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Here at Texas Health Fitness Center we have something for everyone to help you build a lifestyle you can be proud of. Begin your fitness journey today with the latest equipment, heart-pumping unlimited group classes, and access to individualized coaching with world-class certified personal trainers — all within your community gym.

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Group Fitness
Group Fitness Classes
At Texas Health Fitness Center Prosper, we offer a variety of group exercise classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Our classes are free with any membership, check out our schedule and sign up today to begin your fitness journey!
Man with personal trainer
Personal Training
From looking to flex new muscles in the new year to improving and perfecting your form with every rep, our team of world-class certified personal trainers create custom fitness programs designed 100% around you to help you reach your next goal.
Services & Amenities
From the equipment to the expertise, Texas Health Fitness Center Prosper has the services and amenities you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Amenities
    • Advanced cardio equipment featuring built-in TV monitors
    • InBody Scale
    • Spacious free weight training area
    • Top-of-the-line strength training equipment
    • Wi-Fi
  • Clean & Spacious Locker Rooms

    Our locker rooms, showers, and restrooms are all currently open. We keep our facility up to date on COVID cleaning protocols.

    Members are encouraged to bring their own clean towels and take them home each day.

  • Complimentary Fitness Assessments

    Available for new and existing members. Enjoy up to 60 minutes free with a personal trainer to get a one-on-one orientation, utilizing our cardio and strength equipment. You’ll discuss your fitness goals based on your specific needs and medical history.

  • Corporate Wellness

    We strive to positively impact people’s lives through our digital wellness platform, engaging events, and design and management of fitness centers that truly drive lasting change in clients’ well-being. Combining our years of experience in the health and fitness space with the latest wellness technologies, we provide a holistic approach and programs suited for a wide variety of audiences. We work with our corporate partners to develop a custom wellness solution suited to their employee population.

    Services Include:
    • Corporate Membership pricing for our 9 fitness center locations
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Educational Seminars: Mindfulness, Sleep practices, Meditation, Nutrition, Workplace Ergonomics, and more
    • Group Fitness Classes: Yoga, Bootcamp, Boxing, Spin, and more
    • On-site Program Coordinator
    • Workshops: How to Pack a Healthy Lunch, Ways to Get in Your Extra Steps, and more
    • On-site Events: wellness fairs, challenges, and more
    • Digital Fitness App
    • Fitness Facility Design and Management
      • Design & Layout
      • Equipment Procurement
      • Graphic Branding
      • Facility Management
      • On-site/Virtual Fitness
    • (SENSE) Exercise classes & Educational Seminars-Virtual/In-Person
      • Sleep
      • Exercise
      • Nutrition
      • Stress Management
      • Enjoy Life-Engagement
    • Digital Programming
      • Centralized Connection
      • Challenges
      • Virtual Coaching
      • Data & Analytics
      • Swag Shop


    *Additional fees apply

    We have worked with our partners to expand our wellness services to cater to their customized needs. Contact us today to discuss your corporate wellness goals and how we can customize a solution for your organization.

  • Fitness Coaching

    Want to achieve your goals? Consult our experts in fitness today. To schedule a coaching session, call 469-329-7740. Separate fees apply.

  • Group Fitness Classes

    Group classes and personal training are available for people of all ages and skill levels.

    LOW IMPACT: Core strengthening, flexibility and low impact cardio
    • Pilates: Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements.
    • Yoga Flow: Yoga that allows you to slow down and experience the greation of meaningful mind-body connection. Taking the time to explore each pose and each breath fully.
    HIGH INTENSITY: High intensity intervals, circuit training and weights
    • Body Blast: Total body strength and conditioning with an emphasis on enhancing cardio and overall muscular strength with resistance training and endurance training principles.
    • Bootcamp: This adrenaline pumping cardio and strength session incorporates plyometrics coupled with high volume resistance training. Boost your metabolism, endurance and overall fitness by joining this class.
    • Dance Fitness: A high intensity cardio dance class with easy-to-follow choreography. Come prepared to sweat, burn calories and have fun!
    • HIGH Fitness: HIGH Fitness is a harcore fun fitness class that incorproates interval training with music you know and love and intense easy to follow choreography. HIGH Fitness produces a high caloric burn and full body toning through is carefully formatted choreography that alternates between the intense cardio peaks and toning tracks.
    • Kettlebell Kombine: This class combines cardio and strength-training exercises to improve your athletic performance and strengthen your body
    • Prosper Pump: A barbell-based weight lifting class designed to burn calories and shape your body…the Prosper way! *Please show up a few minutes prior to class starting to set up your station.*
    • Silver Power Hour: Total body workout adapted for all fitness levels and is designed to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and build total body strength. ***Not your traditional silver fitness class, so come prepared to be challenged***
    • Silver Step & Strength: Cardiorespiratory endurance workout utilizing the step followed by a total body muscular strength workout utilizing dumbbells and/ or body weight. ***Not your traditional silver fitness class, so come prepared to be challenged***

    All classes listed are included in memberships and are ongoing, unless otherwise stated, so join at any time! Classes and instructors are subject to changes. Classes may be cancelled or times may change due to low attendance. Check our schedule here.

  • Nutrition

    Food is fuel and our Nutrition Experts can educate you on healthy nutrition practices meant for your culture and goals. Want to achieve a healthy lifestyle? On-site Nutritionists can provide individualized nutrition counseling and more. Consult our experts today!

    *Additional fees apply

  • Personal Training

    Our team of Certified Personal Trainers are passionate about helping you get motivated, see results and have fun while reaching your personal fitness goals. From weight loss, gaining strength, improving balance/coordination and increasing stamina, we are ready to help you transform your health and well-being.

    Our Certified Personal Trainers provide:

    • A complimentary new member training assessment with every member
    • Customized workout plans to help you meet your specific goals
    • Instruction on using proper exercise techniques
    • Health and lifestyle coaching


    Services include:

    • 1-on-1 Personal Training - Work 1on1 with a trainer to achieve your individual fitness goals
    • Semi-private Training (up to 4 trainees) - Train alongside friends or family members to hold each other accountable and also save money at the same time.
    • Small Group Training - Training in a small group allows our clients to workout alongside other similarly motivated individuals while receiving a personalized service at a fraction of the cost.


    *Additional fees apply

  • Premium Fitness Equipment
    • Ab Coaster
    • Ellipticals
    • Freemotion Dumbbells 5-110 lbs.
    • Freemotion Pin-loaded Strength Equipment
    • Freemotion Plate Loaded Line
    • Matrix Power Rack
    • Recumbent Bikes
    • Rogue Glute Ham Raise
    • SC3 Spin Bike
    • Stairmasters
    • Treadmills
    • Upright Bikes
    • VTX Kettlebells

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